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OS X's Keyboard Shortcut preference pane

Select 45 items in Finder, cmd-I, swear at Finder. This fixes that.

# SSH port forwarding with OSX

If you’re doing remote port forwarding on Leopard, you might encounter the as problem as we have done this morning. I don’t remember this happening with Tiger, so I think it’s a Leopard specific thing.

We wanted a client to see a in-development feature hosted on one of our machines in the office, which is protected by a firewall. For various reasons, we can’t punch a hole in that firewall and configure the router to direct requests for a given port to a specific machine.

You can normally do this by running something like :

  1. ssh -R 6000:localhost:5000 blog.carldr.com

We’re wanting to tunnel HTTP here, so in this example, it means that requests to ‘http://blog.carldr.com:6000/’ are forwarded (transparently to the user) to port 5000 on the machine where the ‘ssh’ was ran from.

However, this didn’t work. The connection which SSH was trying to make to port 5000 on our local machine was being refused. With use of ‘ssh -v’, ‘lsof’, ‘netstat’ et al., we found out what the problem was.

On Leopard, ‘localhost’ resolves as IPv6 ’::1’, so ssh is trying to connect to that port. The web server we were running locally was binding to, which is all interfaces, but just IPv4. The solution is one of these :

  1. ssh -4 -R 6000:localhost:5000 blog.carldr.com
  1. ssh -R 6000: blog.carldr.com

Or binding the web server to ’::1’.

# Authentication Problem With OS X and MacPorts

If you’re using OS X, and you’ve installed Firefox (Or in fact, anything which depends on gnome-vfs) and PostgreSQL through MacPorts, you may run into this problem :

  1. [11:06:14 carl@mummra ~]% sudo /opt/local/etc/LaunchDaemons/org.macports.postgresql82-server/postgresql82-server.wrapper stop
  2. postgres@LOCAL's Password:

That’s because when you install Firefox, Heimdal gets installed and messes up the authentication on your system, although seemingly only for the ‘postgres’ user.

To fix it, simply do

  1. [11:12:02 carl@mummra ~]% sudo port deactivate heimdal

# plain text email in mail.app

  1. defaults write com.apple.mail PreferPlainText -bool TRUE

Talking about plain text emails, this setting really should be able to be edited within Mail.app’s GUI.

(This works with Leopard’s, as well as Tiger’s, Mail.app.)

a cab pulls in front a building. brushed metal exits the cab, stands tall, and walks to the door. he waves a badge at the door’s identification sensor. a red light flashes.

The latest Anthropomorphized Brushed Metal Interface Theme post from John Gruber.

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